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About Hugh Mackay

Hugh Mackay offer a wide range of quality Axminster, Tufted, Handmade and HassleFree carpets to suit all homes or commercial spaces. We also offer a unique custom carpet service that lets you design your own carpet.

Quality Production, Quality Carpets

Our long history and association with quality carpets is still just as strong as it was on day one of the companys operation. We pride ourselves on this and always strive to maintain our strong market position.

Hugh Mackay: from 1903 to Today

Central Scotland, Kidderminster and Yorkshire are recognised as the traditional carpet producing centres of the British Isles. Yet it is known that a cottage carpet making industry existed in Durham in the 18th century, and that around 1815 a factory was in production alongside the River Wear in the city. In 1903 this factory ceased production and most of its equipment and goodwill were sold. It’s former manager, together with 20 redundant weavers, set to work to ensure that the art and craft of carpet making would not be lost to Durham. The manager’s name was Hugh Mackay.

Eleven looms were installed in one of the sheds on the existing Durham site and work began. He produced Wilton carpeting of a quality he called Yakcam (Mackay backwards), which is still in production today.

  1. 1906: Hugh Mackay was joined by his Son, forming the famous partnership
  2. 1921: Mackay's of Durham became a PLC. Growth came quickly, and it wasnt long before any home wasnt complete until they had a 'Durham' carpet
  3. 1929: A 5 Frame Wilton Loom was installaed and operated by the then Prince of Wales, starting a long relationship with the Royal Family
  4. 1935: Axminster quality carpets were added to the Hugh Mackay range
  5. 1953: The company became a public company and was quoted on the Stock Exchange of Newcastle Upon Tyne
  6. 1969: The Great Fire of Durham struck the factory and brought the company to a standstill. Within 3 months of the inccident, the local businesses and customers had helped repair the buildings, equipment and production line to get the company back up and running
  7. 1970: A 140,000sq ft factory in Dragonville, was completed with additional looms, leaving the Durham site to increase their production of Axminster quality carpets
  8. 1972: With continued growth, the company were awarded the Royal Warrant helping the company to increase its growth even further
  9. 1976: The Dragonville site was expanded to house the full production of both factories. Showrooms and offices were also opened in Hamburg
  10. 1999: Work began on a new state of the art 170,000sq ft site on the outskirts of Durham city
  11. 2000: The new site was completed and the company was ready to take on its second century in business
  12. 2006: After a few years of harsh competition from overseas, Hugh Mackay was purchased by Whitestone Weavers, a reputable flooring supply company to help further expand the offerings of Hugh Mackay. Gaskell Mackay Carpets were also purchased to bring together two powerhouses of the carpet and flooring industry
  13. 2008: The business was relocated to a new state of the art facility in Hartlepool to bring together Whitestones vision and production offerings
  14. Today: Hugh Mackay is a brand that is synonymous with quality carpets and continues to grow through the introduction of new ranges and styles, driving the carpet industry forward each year. We work with Retailers across the UK to supply the highest quality of carpets and continue the heritage started by Hugh Mackay himself over 100 years ago.

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